Looking after the product

Simple measures of care and attention
that will maintain their beauty and splendour over time

How to preserve the beauty <br>of Marli Jewellery over time.

How to preserve the beauty
of Marli Jewellery over time.

MARLI collections are handcrafted creations, fashioned entirely in gold and natural stones. Designers and goldsmiths create these works of art in accordance with the strictest standards of the Italian jeweller’s craft. From selecting the stones and other materials to the artisan’s handwork, a series of precise and harmonious touches makes each jewellery item unique.

Personality and Style

MARLI creations are fashioned to exalt feminine sensuality; each item of jewellery highlights a particular to accentuate the beauty of the whole. The MARLI woman expresses her feelings with intensity and passion; she can be identified through powerful symbols: MARLI collections speak of her. The jewellery is conceived to be worn every day and for every occasion. For this reason, it requires no special maintenance, especially if it is managed and cleaned with care.

Personality and Style


The MARLI guarantee covers only manufacturing defects that are detected and ascertained
by our specialist goldsmiths within 24 months of adequately attested purchase.
On the other hand, any damage caused by improper use, accidents, fortuitous events
or alterations deriving from natural causes, or from wear and tear and changes due to normal
use of the jewellery, are completely excluded from the guarantee.
Furthermore, the guarantee will no longer be effective under any circumstances for jewellery
that has undergone work by non-authorised workshops.
In such cases, MARLI reserves the right not to carry out any further repairs that may be requested.